How to Enjoy Better Orgasms

Do women not make orgasms a priority? The female orgasm still seem to be a mystery to most folk, and to be honest, I cannot really figure it out myself. There are some days when I come easily, and there are other days when I find it hard to come at all. Yet, I am doing the exact same thing as I was when I found it easy to have an orgasm. I don’t understand at all, and when I speak to my friends at London escorts, I find that they often have the same problem.

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Some girls swear that an outer orgasm is better than an inner orgasm. Let me explain, outer sex means that you play with sex toys or have your clitoris stimulated until you come. The only thing is that I think that I have both an inner and outer orgasm as the same time. Even when my clitoris is stimulated, I can feel my vagina contract into an orgasm. All of London escorts say the same thing, so really that does not help at all to explain some of the mysteries surrounding the female orgasm.

One of the best ways to make sure that I enjoy a good orgasm when I have sex, is to ensure I am sexually stimulated before I even have sex, or my boyfriend penetrates me. A girl from another London escorts suggested that it works my thinking about something you think is kinky. I have tried it a couple of times, and it does actually work. The last time I tried, I managed to achieve two orgasms. Once when my boyfriend was going down on me, and also when he penetrated me. Perhaps that is one of the secrets to a better female orgasm.

But there is more to the female orgasm than that. I have found some smells to be stimulating. When a guy wears too much after shave or cologne, I am immediately turned off. But, when I stick my nose into my boyfriend’s neck, and inhale his natural scent, I am turned on right away. It is one of the best ways for me to enjoy good quality sex with my boyfriend, and I have mentioned the idea to other London escorts.

Of course, it helps to be romanced and have sweet nothing whispered in your ears. I used to find that porn movies turned me on, but I have been watching so many with my gents at London escorts, that they don’t do anything for me at all. Having a glass of wine may help a lot of women, and I have tried it. If I have too much, I go off sex and just want to fall asleep, but if I sip a nice glass of wine during a meal, I often find I am in the mood for sex, and do really enjoy it. I guess the female orgasm will always be a mysterious thing. Is there a secret to the male orgasm?