Our school is the best

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Welcome to Harrow School!

We are proud of our boy’s school say Harrow boys. It is one of the best schools in the UK, and many fine names have studied here. Famous Harrow boys include Winston Churchill but in more modern times alumni have included the singer song writer James Blunt and the actor Benedict Cumberbatch, and astronaut Nicolas Patrick.

This is one school which has educated some of the finest minds in Britain, and many of them have gone on to become great achievers within music, politics, acting and music. A former Prime Minister of India went to this school!

That famous bard and eccentric life artist Lord Byron also attended Harrow, and was said to have been a master of the written word already as a young man.

Black Tie

You may wonder why the boys at the school always wear a black tie as part of their uniform. When Queen Victoria died, the boys were instructed to wear the black tie as a sign of mourning and respect. Unfortunately, the school master at the time forgot to tell the boys that the mourning period was over, so they continued to wear the tie. Until this day the boys still wear the tie – and a boater hat!

Deja Vu

If you visit Harrow school, you may just experience a bit of dejavu. Some parts of the school were featured in the Harry Potter movies and they can be quite easily recognized.

As a matter of fact, a lot of what you see at Hogwarts is based on Harrow school and it is known that the set designers got a lot of their ideas from Harrow.


It is said that many of the Harrow boys love the food at the school. Unlike many other schools it has its own farm, and much of its food is produced there. It might also surprise you to learn that the school has its own fishing like. It goes without saying that the boys can enjoy fishing in the lake and are more than welcome to share their catch with their equally eccentric teachers.

Just like any other school in the UK, Harrow school has experienced its fair share of problems. In 2008 a head boy was expelled and faced drugs charges. But there has been other problems and issues as well. Of course, Harrow school would probably love to sweep the incident of the topless art teacher under